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Pond Infrastructure - Overview

The infrastructure has remained essentially unchanged since it was first constructed. The banks forming its South and West boundaries have been kept in working order. The original beach to the East has now become Slipper Road, and the North crossing at its head has now evolved to be the A259 - Chichester to Portsmouth road.


The pond is still topped up twice daily when there is sufficient tide to open the flap gates in the South wall.  It is also fed by the overflow channel from the River Ems from the sluice gates at Constant Springs, Lumley, and the Hermitage Brook as well as run-off from adjacent land.


At high Spring Tides with adverse weather conditions the banks of the pond are over-topped and the sea backs up the Ems across low lying land as far as the cottages alongside Lumley Road.  


The much-repaired South and West banks have to maintain the water level at low tides, resist wave and storm action and provide a sound footing for the public footpath that uses them.  The East Bank bank provides a welcome environmental buffer between the water and the road surface whilst the side of the A259 forms the North bank.

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