SMPPA - Events for Members & Friends

There are usually 5 events a year, which are:

  • Spring/Autumn Talk - usually on a topic of interest to the local community.

  • Schools Photographic Competition & Exhibition - the competition starts in March / April with the photos on display as part of the Emsworth Arts Trail on the early May Bank Holiday weekend, and afterwards at the Emsworth Co-op.

  • Summer Garden Party - A chance for everyone to get together for afternoon refreshments and snacks - generally a Sunday afternoon in July, August or September.

  • Annual General Meeting - AGM - usually the last Friday in October - voting rights for full members only.

  • Annual Dinner at the Brookfield Hotel - 3 course meal and entertainment - usually a Friday in late November.

Dates - 2022

Spring Talk - Friday 25th March at 8.00pm at the Emsworth Community Centre

Sarah Hughes, the Chichester Strategic Wildlife Corridors Project Officer (Chichester District Council) will give an overview on the state of nature & the seven proposed corridors with an in-depth look at the Hermitage to Westbourne corridor, which includes the Slipper Mill Pond.  She hopes that the talk/chat, will enable her to have a better understanding of our vitally important site.  The price will be £3 per person (to cover the cost of room hire).  We do hope that you can join us.

Broomfield Schools Photographic Competion - Spring 2022 - see here for more details.    
Summer Garden Party

Usually a Sunday in July or August.  Please bring your own food and drink, and a chair if possible. 

AGM - October

Usually the last Friday in October at the Community Centre (behind the Museum).  Voting rights for FULL MEMBERS ONLY.

Annual Dinner - November

Usually the last Saturday in November at the Brookfield Hotel.  Postponed in 2020 & 2021.  Hoping that it will be possible in 2022.