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We are very lucky to have a wide range of over 40 species of bird visitors.  The surface of the Pond and the rafts are host to large numbers of water birds; mainly gulls, coots, cormorants and ducks.  Black-headed gulls dominate, but all the British species of gull can be seen at times with occasional visits from Mediterranean gulls.


Most of the ducks are mallards, which breed on the pond, with tufted ducks and red-breasted mergansers as regular winter visitors and the occasional smew, goldeneye, pochard, shoveller duck and Canada goose.


Coots breed on the rafts and moorhen breed in Dolphin Creek. Dabchicks (Little Grebe) are mainly seen in winter. Of the birds which can be seen in the air, Kingfishers regularly add a special element of colour.  


Mute swans breed frequently on Peter Pond and can be seen during summer and autumn with their cygnets.  Heron and little Egrets can be seen standing in the shallows.  Reed Warblers are audible during summer in the reed-beds.


A pair of Great Black-Backed Gulls (known as GBBGs) has been nesting on one of the rafts since 2012, producing 2-3 chicks a year. This has caused great concern as they are predators at the head of the food chain and are held responsible for the decline in the overall sea bird population.  A history of their presence on the Pond can be found on Brian Fellows' website.


At the 2012 AGM we agreed to attempt to deter them by installing wires and canes on the rafts, but this was unsuccessful for 3 years and therefore the wires and canes were removed.  At the 2020 AGM it was again voted to have another attempt.  Frames and netting have now been installed on all 3 rafts and appear to be keeping the GBBGs at bay, while smaller birds such as Mallards and Coots can still access the rafts and bird boxes.


We are unable to do any more without violating the Wildlife and Countryside Act.  Sadly the presence of the Great Black Backed Gulls has reduced the number of other birds visiting the pond.

A full list of regular birds and occasional/rare sightings can be found below.  For more information on each bird, we recommend visiting the RSPB.org.uk bird guide section and Brian Fellows' website.

Regular Visitors (16)

Black-headed Gull - all year.  Up to 2000 in winter

Common Gull - winter - up to 50

Common Tern - summer

Coot - Up to 90 in winter - 3 pairs nest

Cormorant - winter - up to 13

Great Black-backed Gull - winter - nesting since April 2012

Herring Gull - winter - up to 50

Kingfisher - mainly winter

Lesser Black-backed Gull - winter

Little Egret - Up to 2

Little Grebe - Winter - Up to 4

Mallard - Up to 50 - Occasionally nesting

Moorhen - Nest in Dolphin Lake

Mute Swan - Pairs occasionally nest

Reed Warbler - summer

Swallow - summer

SMPPA Notelets (above) - taken from a painting by Marion Forster - illustrate the variety of birds that have been seen on our pond (notelets available for purchase - see our publications page)

Cormorants on one of the Rafts

Occasional Visitors (30)

Bar-headed Goose

Barnacle Goose

Canada Goose

Common Sandpiper

Common Snipe

Emperor Goose




Great Crested Grebe - winter

Great Northern Diver


Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail

Greylag Goose




Mediterranean Gull - winter


Pied Wagtail

Red-breasted Merganser - winter

Reed Bunting

Sandwich Tern - summer

Sedge Warbler


Shoveller Duck



Tufted Duck - winter

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