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Infrastructure - North Bank / A259

The "Chequers Garage" area to the northwest was requisitioned during the Second World War and at a second stage the triangular section was requisitioned to allow an adequate entry area for the larger military vehicles that may have needed to use the site. The "Chequers Quay" housing development was built in the 1990s and documents reflect the boundary strip agreed at the time of construction.


The pond boundary runs along the outer face of the parapet wall, which in turn is looked after by the local authority.

A259 Bridge


In January 2012 West Sussex County Council, now responsible for the bridge, were carrying out their routine 22 month inspection of the structure when the SMPPA drew attention to the tubeworm  [Ficopomatus enigmaticus] (see right), which had colonised its walls hindering the water flow through it.


After flooding issues in the second half of 2012 they drew the Council's attention to the problem again.  In January 2013 the WSCC specialist contractor came to see if it was possible to clear the growth, but the flow rate in the river as a result of heavy rainfall in the Autumn was too great to allow safe working.


Work was carried out in May 2013 between tides by a team of four divers when, with Natural England's agreement (as it was technically the 'breeding season'), the Pond was lowered.


Mullet were seen in the waters and an eel slithered out of one of the bags as it was being loaded onto the lorry, only to be caught and returned to the pond.


WSCC issued a press release covering the event.

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