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Wildlife - Biodiversity Action Plan

It is the location and brackish lagoon character which gives the pond its highly distinctive fauna and flora. The ecosystem is the result of balances which can easily be upset by human activity, intentional or otherwise.  Maintenance and repair work on the pond, banks etc has be carefully planned, particularly its timing in relation to breeding seasons, to avoid such disturbances.


Initially an informal approach to pond management was adopted, but in the light of increasing general awareness of the issues associated with ecology and climate change the Association is developing its own Action Plan.


The catalogue of wild life provides the central mechanism for monitoring the health of the Pond. The site has been carefully designed to be accessible to all at various levels and, where practical, providing  links and references to enable exploration of  issues in much greater depth.


Generally a basic plan is presented and agreed at the Annual General Meeting, and developed by the Committee as needed from time to time.


A prototype Formal Action Plan formed the basis of the Association's submission to the BCTV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) for its successful attainment of Group Status. This Plan is now forming the basis for its ongoing activities.


The terms set out in the Constitution form the framework that the Association works to and it maps very closely into the current concept of a Biodiversity Action Plan:


Extract from the Constitution:

- Collect and disseminate information relating to the above, including the writing publishing and/or

  circulating (whether gratuitously or not) of pamphlets, posters and other documents;

- Arrange meetings, lectures and exhibitions relevant to the Object;

- Accept subscriptions and donations, and raise monies by any lawful means (other than permanent trading)

  to procure funds for SMPPA;

- Manage the pond's ecology;

- Maintain the pond's infrastructure;

- Liaise with other bodies, both statutory and voluntary, in matters concerning the pond;

"Biodiversity represents the richness and variety of plants, birds, animals and insects that exist throughout the world."
UK Government definition - 2005
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