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Infrastructure - East Bank / Slipper Road

The East bank starts at the South end of Slipper House, No. 2 Slipper Road and continues as far as the South corner near Slipper Mill.

As noted in the History, the main section of the bank was originally the foreshore and at shore level. The mill lorry drivers originally maintained it, and when the pond was dredged the spoil was dragged back to form it and the base of Slipper Road.


The first 69m of the North end of the road are a public highway and the rest is a 'Private Street' looked after by the residents.


From time to time the Bank has been improved and strengthened and additional material placed on it. Nature has taken over and it is now a much appreciated ribbon of much diverse vegetation - see Plants.


The fringing reeds form a very useful barrier to limit the effects of wave action on the soft bank and a careful watch is being kept on their growth.


Looking down Slipper Road
About 1950

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