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Wildlife - Plants

Over 160 plant types have been recorded immediately adjacent to the pond.

The list below was updated in 2020-21, the first time since the 2005 Plant Register (a log of plants and flowers at that time).  It forms part of the schedules for Biodiversity monitoring. 


The plants are not actively controlled other than the Common Reed (Phragmites australis).  Although this is a very structural and attractive plant and home to many birds and insects, it is also "invasive" as it spreads up and along the banks; it does not appear to grow into the Pond much, probably due to the water's salinity.  The Sea Club Rush (Scirpus maritimus) is similar looking but not as tall and does not spread in the same manner, so is not actively controlled.


Until a few years ago we had tried to manage the spread of the reeds with the assistance of a professional company, Water Management Ltd, who sprayed them with a specialist herbicide which has English Nature's and the Environnment Agency's approval. This temporarily halts the growth, but needs re-spraying every couple of years.  More recently, we have started using matting to cover the reeds to stop their growth.

In line with our planting plan we have removed non-indigenous "garden" type plants and areas that have become overgrown and are gradually planting native species in their place.

Emsworth Through the Reeds.jpg

Native Plants - East Bank

Achillea millefolium - Yarrow

Alliaria petiolate - Garlic, Mustard

Artemisia vulgaris - Mugwort

Arum maculatum - Lords & Ladies

Atriplex portulacoides - Orache, grass leaved

Ballota nigra - Horehound, Black

Calamitha sylvatica - Calamint Common

Capsella bursa-pastoris - Shepherd's Purse

Cardamine hirsute - Bitter cress, Hairy

Cardamine pratensis - Cuckoo flower

Chelidonium majus - Celandine, greater

Cirsium arvense - Thistle, Creeping

Cirisium vulgare - Thistle, spear

Conium maculatum - Hemlock

Coronopussquamatus - Swinecress

Crataegnus monogyna - Hawthorn tree

Crithmummaritimum - Samphire, rock

Digitalis - Foxglove

Dipsacusfullonum - Teazle

Epilobium angustifolium - Willow Herb, Great

Epilobium hirsutum - Willow Herb, Rosebay

Euphorbia peplus - Spurge

Geumurbanum - Avens, wood

Hypochaerisradicata  -Catsear

Lactucaserriola – Lettuce, Prickly

Lapsana communis - Nipplewort 

Lamium album - Dead nettle, white

Lamium purpureum - Dead nettle, red

Lapsana communis - Nipplewort 

Leonodon saxatilis - Hawkbit, Lesser

Limbardacrithmoides - Samphire, golden

Linaria pupurea - Toadflax, Purple

Linaria pupurea - Valerian

Lycopus europaeus - Gypsywort

Linaria pupurea - Valerian

Marticaria perforate - Mayweed, scentless

Medicago arabica - Medick, spotted

Medicago lupina - Medick, black

Mercurialis annua - Mercury, annual

Nepeta cataria - Catmint

Oenanthe crocata - Hemlock, Water

Papaver rhoeas - Poppy, red

Parietaria Judaica - Pellitory-of-the-wall

Pieruisechoides - Bristly Oxtongue

Plantago major - Plantain, greater

Plantago lanceolata - Plantain, ribwort

Polygonum aviculare - Knotgrass

Potentilla reptans - Cinquefoil Creeping

Pulicariadysenterica - Fleabane, common

Ranunculusficaria - Celandine, lesser

Ranunculus repens - Daisy

Rumex acetosa - Sorrel

Rumex conglomeratus - Dock, clustered

Rumex crispus - Dock, curly

Rumex obtusifolius - Dock, broadleaved

Rubus fruticus - Bramble

Senecio jacobaea - Ragwort

Silene vulgaris - Campion, Bladder

Sison amomum - Parsley, Stone

Sisymbrium officinale - Mustard, hedge

Sonchus arvensis - Sow Thistle

Sonchus oleraceus - Sow Thistle, Smooth

Stachis sylvatica - Woundwort Hedge

Symphytum uplandicum- Comfrey Russian

Taraxacum officinale - Dandelion

Tragopogan pratensis - Meadow salsify

Tripoliumpannonicum - Sea Aster

Ulex europaeus - Gorse

Urtica dioica - Stinging Nettle - Urtica dioica

Urtica diociasubspgaleopsifolia - Stinging Nettle, Fen non-stinging

Veronica chamaedrys - Speedwell

Veronica anagallis aquatica - Speedwell, water

Veronica persica - Speedwell, Common/field

Native Plants - West Bank

Agrostis capillaris - Bentgrass, common
Beta vulgaris - Beet, red
Beta vulgaris - Sea Beet
Cirsium arvense - Thistle, Creeping
Cirisium vulgare - Thistle, spear
Dipsacusfullonum - Teazle
Halimoneportulacoides - Sea Purslane
Pulicariadysenterica - Fleabane, common
Rumex acetosa - Sorrel
Spergularia marina - Sea Spurrey, lesser

Grasses - East Bank

Agropyron repens - Couch
Agrostis capillaris- Bentgrass, common
Agrostis stolonifera - Creeping Bent
Arrhenatherum elatus - False Oat
Bromus hordeaceus - Brome, Soft
Bromus sterilis- Brome, Barren
Dactylis glomerata - Cock’s-foot
Deschampsiacespitosa - Tufted Hair Grass
Festuca rubra - Red fescue
Hippophaepleamnoides - Sea Buckthorn
Holcus Lanatus - Yorkshire Fog
Lolium perenne - Rye Grass perennial
Phleum Pratense - Timothy
Phragmites australis - Common Reed
Salix babylonica - Willow Weeping
Scirpus maritimus - Sea Club-rush

Grasses - West Bank

Agropyron repens - Couch
Agrostis stolonifera - Creeping Bent
Arrhenatherum elatus - False Oat
Bromus hordeaceus - Brome, Soft
Bromus sterilis- Brome, Barren
Dactylis glomerata - Cock’s-foot
Festuca rubra - Red fescue
Lolium perenne- Rye Grass perennial
Phragmites australis - Common Reed

Pond Plants

Fucus vesiculosus - Bladder Wrack - seaweed
Ulva lactuca - Sea Lettuce

Plants to be removed - East Bank

Acer campestre - Field Maple hedge
Aegopodium podograria - Ground elder invasive
Aliumvineale -Garlic, Crow garden plant
Anagallis arvensis - Scarlet Pimpernel invasive
Aster amellus - Michaelmas Daisy garden plant
Buddleia davidii - Buddleia (under review)
Calistegiasepium - Bindweed, Hedge invasive
Calystegia sylvatica - Bindweed, Great invasive
Carex pendula - Pendulous Sedge garden plant
Convolvulus arvensis - Bindweed, field invasive
Eleagnus angustifolia - Russian Olive base visible roots
Endymion hispanicus- Bluebell, Spanish
Euphorbia portlandica - Spurge, Portland garden plant
Galium aparine - Cleaver invasive
Geranium dissectum - Cranesbill, cut-leaved invasive
Hedera helix - Ivy
Helianthus x laetifolia - Sunflower, perennial garden plant

Helminthotheca echioides - bristly oxtongue
Hordeum murimum - Barley, wall
Ilex aquifolium - Holly
Lonicera pileate - Box honeysuckle
Malva sylvestris - Mallow, common
Muscarineglectum - Grape Hyacinth spring/summer
Narcissus pseudonarcissus - Daffodils if not native (plain yellow single trumpet)
Phormium tenax - New Zealand flax
Polygonum maculosa - Redshank garden plant
Potentilla anserina - Silverweed garden plant
Rubus idaea - Raspberry
Stellaria mediq- Chickweed common invasive
Tanacetum parthenium - Feverfew garden plant
Verbascum Thapsus - Mullein garden plant
Viburnum tinus - Viburnum base and root to be removed
Vinca minor - Periwinkle garden plant

Invasive Plants to be maintained

Ranunculus repens - Buttercup, creeping

Ranunculus acris - Buttercup, meadow

Daucus carota - Carrot, Wild remove dead stem

Anthriscus sylvestris - Cow Parsley remove dead stems

Senecio vulgaris - Groundsel

Urtica dioica - Stinging Nettle

Urtica diociasubspgaleopsifolia- Stinging Nettle, Fen non-stinging

Native Plants - South Bank

Rubus fruticus–Bramble
Urtica dioica - Stinging Nettle invasive keep reduced S/E
Urtica diociasubspgaleopsifolia - Stinging Nettle, Fen non-stinging
Phragmites australis - Common Reed managed

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