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Wildlife - Overview

A great part of everyone's enjoyment of the pond is looking at the bird and plant life it supports.  


The many species of PlantsInvertebratesBirds and Fish are a clear indication of the state of health of the Pond and the success of the SMPPA.  The SMPPA considers care of the Pond to be one of its prime tasks and makes great efforts to protect and improve it.

Over many years, volunteers from the SMPPA have looked after the pond and its banks by, in addition to the routine removal of rubbish and clearing, carrying out many major tasks such as rebuilding sections of the West Bank.


As part of the Biodiversity Action Plan volunteers have planted experimental sections of reeds against the West Bank to act as an organic protection to limit washout of the core of the bank.


If you would like to volunteer to help look after the Pond, do wildlife studies (such as recording bird sightings) or to purchase a copy of our Wildlife book or postcards, please contact us.

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