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Please feel free to contact us using the form below if you would like more information, or if you wish to join the SMPPA.

Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association


PO10 8BS

Tel: 01243 371134

Chair: Jo Greenfield

Not to be confused with Emsworth "Town" Mill Pond (in the west, where the 2 sailing clubs are located), Slipper Mill Pond is to the east of Emsworth on the Hampshire / West Sussex border.  For a location map, please see below. 

Although strongly associated with Emsworth, the Pond, its banks and its footpaths are actually located in West Sussex in the parish of Southbourne, with the Hampshire border passing along the western edge of the Pond's west bank. 


The map below shows the county border (moved in 1989) as a dotted line.  Being located right on the border, this sometimes causes confusion regarding policing, council responsibility etc.

There is easy access to all the banks of the Pond so that everyone is able to enjoy the views and look at the wildlife in and around it.

Thankyou for your enquiry. We'll get back to you shortly.

County Border Change map 1989.jpg

An overview of Emsworth, as described by Cllr Lulu Bowerman:

"There is little doubt that Emsworth is a unique place.  Positioned at the top of Chichester Harbour, this picturesque, old fishing town would be just as happy sitting by the sea in Cornwall or even Brittany.  In the main, the fishing boats and its once famous oyster industry may have gone, but Emsworth unlike so many similar communities has still managed to maintain its sense of place.  The town has a strong fishing, sailing and boat-building heritage but is most famous for producing oysters.  Until 100 years ago, all the best hotels and restaurants in London were supplied daily with Emsworth oysters by train.


At the foot of the South Downs, with an historic old quay and two tidal mill ponds, Emsworth is popular with sailors, walkers and artists alike.  More recently, it has become a wonderful 'foodie' destination too.  There are very few small towns left on the South Coast that can still offer two family owned butchers, a greengrocers, a fishmonger as well as a wonderful array of independent restaurants, public houses and cafes plus a monthly Market Day.

The historic home of PG Wodehouse, the town is now known more equally for its architecture, quay, sailing clubs, mill ponds and... food.  All in all, you can see why Emsworth is cherished both by its residents and visitors alike."

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