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Slipper Mill Pond History - Timeline Detail

2022      Concrete Sluice Apron/Outfall repaired at a cost of £2208

              Ownership of Pond transferred to the CIO on 22 April - see THE EMS Newspaper article

              Broomfield Schools Photographic Competition held for first time since 2019 - record number of photos entered.

              After the Sussex Wildlife Trust surveyed the Pond, the LWS Technical Panel reaffirmed the Pond's status as a Local Wildlife Site (LWS)

2021      First year of operating as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  Old SMPPA charity no. 277744 closed. 

              Frames and wires installed on all 3 bird rafts to deter the Great Black Backed Gulls from nesting (as voted at the 2020 AGM paper vote).

              Membership drive resulted in 50 new members.

              First full year of income from Dolphin Quay boatyard.

              Pond Owners agreed to gift the Pond to the SMPPA - legal process commenced.

              Work on planting & clearing, mostly in NE and SE corners - sea buckthorn, Rowan, dog rose etc and wildflower seeds planted.

              Summer Party in August and a very successful work party on 9th October, but Annual Dinner cancelled again.

              All signage refreshed and updated.

2020      New Sluice Gate fitted by Nick Gates, wooden boat builders based at Emsworth Marina at a cost of £8,384.

              Dolphin Quay Footpath gifted to the SMPPA by Mr & Mrs Wardle from Wharf House, King Street, in order that it is not developed.

              March onwards - Coronavirus COVID-19.  Broomfield Schools Photographic competition and all other events cancelled. 

2019      Footbridge refurbished in February - horizontal posts replaced (previously strengthened in 1993).

              Approval granted to transfer the status of the SMPPA to a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation, reducing liability for the Trustees).

2017      Northern bird raft replaced.  Main bird raft re-sited and repaired after breaking free

              Dolphin Quay planning approval given

              Lumley Cottages phase 2 completed

2016      East Bank strengthening and sleepers placed along Slipper Road

2015      Lumley Cottages river flood wall stage 1 complete

              East Bank – common reed second spray

              Greater Black Backed Gulls - raft protection removed in the Autumn2014

              Dolphin Quay planning application withdrawn

              Ems flash flood - Christmas

2013      EA, WSCC, Lumley residents, Brook Meadow and the SMPPA join to form the Lower River Ems Management Group

              Accepted by them that the management of the pond does not cause flooding to upstream property

              Environment Agency take over and replace the sluice at Constant Spring

              Bird raft protection to discourage the Greater Black Backed Gulls

              East Bank common reeds sprayed and posts put in to mark the reed boundary in waterline

2012      Bird Book released

              Following a generous donation from his Estate, the committee set up the 'Maurice Broomfield Photographic Competition' in his memory.

              Tidal gates replaced

              Ems flash flood - June

              Greater Black Backed Gulls nested and raised chicks on raft

2011      West bank repairs costing £75,000 completed thanks to grants

2008      Emsworth Marina silt dredged

2007      West bank planted with sea club rush

2006      SMPPA Leaflet prepared and information boards replaced

              Hermitage housing under construction

              Bird flu scare

2005      SMPPA - stake holder in Environment Agency's Catchment Flood Management Plan
              DEFRA - Flood Management Forward Capital Programme - Westbourne to Emsworth Flood Improvement (HX80370) (Note silt level survey)
              DEFRA - Coastal Defence Strategy - Porchester Creek to Emsworth - (JH60537)
              Arup geotechnical assessment of West bank

2004      Kissing gates and bike rack installed
              Radar survey of bank - financial help from CHC
              Emergency works to West tide gate outer wall by volunteers - helped again by CHC
              Wave undercut sandbag bank infilled repaired by volunteers with full grant funding from WSCC & CDC

2003      South-west bank repairs - inside and outside by volunteers

2002      Sluice - paddle and assembly rebuilt

2001-02 "Burgess" report discovers Lumley Cottages flooding was fluvial and not a result of the Pond Gates management regime. It was noted

              that the cottages themselves are low lying and could be swamped by exceptional tides.

2001      Slipper Road repaired - SMPPA contributes £1,000 for bank strengthening.

2000-03 Planning application for land alongside Hermitage Brook opposed on grounds of fear of pollution from untreated surface water


1998      Slipper and Peter Ponds registered "Sites of Nature Conservation Interest" (SNCI)

​              October - Very high tides together with high flow rates in the Ems valley.  Flooding  - Lumley Cottages affected

1996      Gate flank walls strengthened

1995      Wimpey housing development surface water sewer proposal to discharge into pond objected to - rerouted through the Marina 

              Rofe Kennedy & Lapworth report on River Ems

1994      Winter Floods

             "Lambert" Report on cracks in the Gates - West Wall - April

1993      Bank reconstruction

1992      Bridge Repairs - November
              Work on A259 Bridge not complete

1991      No movement in Spillway crack - September
              Dolphin Bank breach repaired

              Sluice & gate repaired - October
              West bank repairs with sandbags (BTCV)

1990      SW Corner repaired with Reno mattress - January

1989     Hampshire / West Sussex County border moved east so as to be along the west bank footpath - map here

              "Older" Report on pond banks - January

              Footbridge strengthened - summer

1988      Sluice & outfall repaired

              New A27 dual carriageway bypassing Emsworth opened
              Stakes bridge rebuilt

              Planning application for a block of flats to replace Chequers Garage. This was eventually granted after it had been reduced from 40 to 37 ft

              in height with a number of restrictions (September)

1986      Nesting rafts made by Mr Owen Jones  were placed on the pond .... mallard and coot immediately took up residence

1985      CHC laid gabions along North End of West Bank

1982      Bank repairs with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

1980      Pond purchased by 33 residents for £10,000 (£100 shares) - 8th May. The Pond is managed by "Emsworth Slipper Mill Pond Preservation

              Association" a registered charity, responsible for the banks, footpath, sluice and tide gates.

              Upper pond (Norton common) now known as "Peter's Pond" after the father of the new owner Mrs. Kinloch Elizabeth Hollis. (Architect)

1979      Association registered as a charity

1978      Completion of removal of electrical shop and 3 houses and the widening of the bottom of Hermitage Hill

1977      Copyright of drawing of gates given to SMPPA by Ken Simkin
              BTCV first visit - 1000 sandbags

              Paul Russell from West Ashling Mill constructed new gates and 'frame' from green oak specially felled by Stanstead Sawmills and delivered

              by Pat Mann. Forestside farmer.

              British Trust for Conservation Volunteers first visit work on east side of west wall and path 1,000 sandbags, 2 tons cement, 17 cu yds ballast


              16th November at 1.30pm new gates were officially closed by Chairman Coast & Countryside.  New gates estimate £883 - cost £1,600

              when all finished).

1976      September 10th - Assocn meeting. Gates are leaking so badly that it was proposed that we could either repair the gates or fix them and in

              effect turn them into a weir. Meeting agreed to have to Gates repaired and working. A fund raising committee formed. Tony Yoward,

              Ted Gastine, Group Capt David Hughes and Cdr Simon Coney.

              Fund raising Committee formed
              Gates rebuilt by Paul Russell - green oak and old fittings - £159

1974      July 30th - Inner Relief Road opened.

1973      Building of Inner Relief Road started and gates left open which increased the scour and built up the bank inside the pond.

              Sluice repaired - £211

1972      Mill wall breached - repaired by Assocn (£100), WSCC (£550) & CHC (£400)

              July 4th - Meeting to discuss future of Slipper Mill Pond - some of the suggestions made were:
                            Leaving the gates permanently open
                            Reclaiming the land for other purposes
                            Using the pond as a marina for 40 boats
                            For Winter storage of boats
                            Sailing area for dinghies and children's boats
                            Extend the southern wall across Dolphin channel with 20ft gates for access in order to save having to repair the western bank
                            Asbestos sheeting on either side of the western bank and fill with concrete (cost £45 per yd)
                            Progressively sandbag (cost £40 yd)

1971    April 23rd - Conveyance of the pond from Evelyn Hyacinthe Freke Daily to her daughter June Pamela McNaughton

1970    Agreed with CHC to flush channel monthly

            October - Gates worked on by Hitchman


​1969    Dr Russell of Cockle research came to look at pond

            Conveyance to Evelyn Hyacinthe Dailey (Slipper House) from Leigh Thomas & Midland Bank

            October 27th - Lease to Preservation Association for 21 yrs at £1 p.a. Lessees Kenneth William Rawlings, Irene Simmonds, Albert Edgar

            Symonds, Peter W. John Messervy. Shrubs to be planted and boundary posts erected on east bank. Assocn membership fee set at £7 PA.

            June 20th Harbour Authority asked for gates to be opened at regular intervals to flush the channel.

1968-9 Mill Store converted into 4 houses - now called "Slipper Mill"

1967    Pond offered to SMPPA for £4,000 - could not raise the cash

1966    Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association formed in July
            Mill building pulled down by a rope and a Vauxhall car

1963    Marina construction started

1962    Deed between Leigh Thomas, Midland Bank and D.R.Sadler (Builders)

1960s  Slipper Mill demolished

1959    Mrs Dalley (owner of Slipper House, no. 2 Slipper Road) leased the pond from Leigh Thomas (Millers) who owned Slipper Mill and the Old Flour Mill,
            paying £110 p.a. for 10 years

1942    Mention in "Secret Sussex" by Hardiman Scott

1940    Chequers Quay taken over for military use - including splays over pond needed for vehicular access 

1939    Mill stops working - used for storage

1938    Chequers Garage site bought by Ben Jones

1936    Mill working - 2 (3) wheels
            Wooden tuns cover the stone floor
            Tentering wheel for adjusting stones
            Grain came from bin floor above and flour from chute in front

1935    Purchase of Mill & Pond by Leigh Thomas & Co Ltd - last operators of the mill - from Thomas Gater Bradfield Co Ltd - limited to self-raising flour

​1914    First sewer excavated across pond

1913    Ropewalk not working

1912    Big storm damaged Mill House. Miller's family moved to Round House until Slipper Mill Cottage built by Quinnells (IoW) Ltd

1903    Stakes bridge rebuilt

​1895    Sparshott junior Royal Oak Public House (K)

​1894    Queen Street mill burnt down and rebuilt

1878    George Albert Tatchell - rope manufacturers - Hermitage

1876    Frank Burgess born in Roundhouse (Brickyard)
            Miller for 52 years (1918-1972)

1874-82 John Day junior - millwright - Hermitage

1874-8 Thomas Bryerly - miller

1874    OS map shows ropewalk worked by Adolphus Miller - J Tatchell & Son - rope manufacturers - Hermitage

1867-86 New Slipper Mill - Boney Hatch

1865    Slipper cottages - date on stone - built by Tatchell for workers

1841    Roundhouse on map

​1838    Westbourne Tithe - Executors. of Rev. Lewis Way own Staggs Mill occupied by Thomas Newlyn

1831    Pigots Hants Directory -  John Cousins & Sons, Slipper Mill

1814    Queen Victoria is said to have passed over Stakes Bridge at Hermitage at about noon on 25th June
            (Dolphin Hill renamed Queen Street?)

1805    Norton Common enclosed
            Richard Barwell died
            Rev. Lewis Way purchased Stansted

1801    Bridge built for the Turnpike Trust in 1762

1800    About this time the Mill Pond level had been raised and the Upper Pond formed, flooding common land containing saw pits etc


1792    Ropewalk owned by Richard & Stephen Miller

1786    By this date the lower Mill pond had been built on part of Norton Common 
            Ropewalk shown on map

1785    Bardwell Map:
            Estate shows an extensive Slipper Wharf along what is now the Marina Bank
            Roundhouse meadow called a brickyard 

1783    Slipper Mill insured for £500 - premium 35/-

1762    Turnpiking of Portsmouth to Chichester road
            Stakes Bridge rebuilt

1760    Mill & tidal pond built by Thomas Hendy on South part of Norton Common at the same time as he enlarged Hendy's Quay & built wharfage at

            Slipper. This covered the wadeway to Thorney and the route was diverted at the bottom of Sweare Lane (King Street) to run due South.

1724    Budgen mentions Hermitage bridge

1700s  Great strides in agriculture, large harvests
            Army garrisons and Navy increased needing more flour

1689    Picture of road bridge in Ogilby's "Pocket Book of Roads"

1640    First mention of "Slipper"  (Slype = mud) - referring to a plot of land

1640    Map by Thomas Kington for Lord Lumley

1570    Earliest reference to Lord's Mill, Queen Street - Thomas Swyfte, miller (Reger p 109)

1527    Will of Simon Coates - left an endowment of land, a house and a chapel to allow a hermit to dwell and pray for the souls and maintain the

            causeway and bridge built by him. No one succeeded him and it is likely that he was one of the last hermits to exist in this country


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