Infrastructure - West Bank Footpath

The footpath starts from the south of Slipper Road just to the north of Slipper Mill.


The first section has  been widened and a bike rack installed together with a kissing gate with emergency vehicle access alongside. The footpath follows the pond bank narrowing at the footbridge over the tidal gate structure, and continuing westwards until it meets Dolphin Creek where it turns north and follows the pond bank along the River Ems to the second set of kissing gates and Chequers Quay.


The path along the crest of the bank as far as Chequers Quay lies in West Sussex. It crosses the county boundary, entering Hampshire just before going through Chequers Quay Houses and on to Queen Street, Emsworth.




The surface of the footpath is owned by the County Council (who are responsible for its maintenance as well).  


As part of the problems faced with the strengthening of the West Bank it was revealed that the bank was indeed the SMPPA's problem and that, whilst the County Boundary was generally in the middle of Dolphin Creek, and that it lay in West Sussex, the Borough of Havant were the administrators of the sea bed below High Water mark.


Copy of the Pond area of  WSCC footpath map



The Rights of Way Section of West Sussex County Council has designated the bank of Slipper Pond as Public Footpath No. 203. The section in Chequers Quay is Hampshire Footpath 701.