Our Pond - a Haven for Wildlife

Welcome to the Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association.  We are a registered charity which exists to preserve and protect the Slipper Mill Pond in East Emsworth.  Made up of volunteers, Members and Friends of the Association are responsible for the Pond's day to day management and maintenance. 


The Pond is a saline lagoon, a very rare wildlife habitat, both in the UK and Europe. The combination of sea and fresh water provides a unique brackish water environment which has been recognised as a 'Site of Nature Conservation Importance' and home to many special species.  It is inside the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and is part of the Strategic Wildlife Corridor from Hermitage to Westbourne.

It supports a rich invertebrate fauna including two protected species - the Tentacled Lagoon Worm and Starlet Sea Anemone.  It also has an interesting species of tube worm, which leaves tube-like casts, along with over 40 bird and 160 plant species, and several fish, particularly the grey mullet, which can be present in large numbers.


The pond covers an area of around 7 acres and was built in the 1760s to provide power to drive the Slipper Mill, one of four working mills in Emsworth supplying meal for the Navy in Portsmouth. The tidal gates are pushed open as the sea breaks over the gates, and close as the tide turns, holding back the sea water which, in the past, powered the Mill.

The mill was in constant use until the 1960s when it was sold.  The Pond itself was bought by 33 local residents in 1980 off the then owners Slipper House, in order to prevent the Pond from being developed.  The SMPPA Manages the Pond on behalf of the owners.



New Sluice Gate

The Pond was drained for a month in November-December, to enable the replacement of the tired 80 year old Sluice Gate which had been leaking badly.  Nick Gates, a timber boat builder based at Emsworth Marina, has used local English oak, and refurbished the original ironwork - the structure should now last another 100 years.

We have drawn on our reserves to pay for this, assisted by some very generous bequests.  Sadly the Sluice concrete outfall to the south is in a parlous state and will also require costly repair requiring specialist help (and external funding) in the near future.

We are looking for offers for the old sluice gate, as ideally we would like to raise some money from selling all or part of it - please contact us at info@smppa.org.uk if you are interested or have any other suggestions.

More photos on Nick Gates Facebook page.

Old Sluice gate

New Sluice gate

Nick Gates and his Team

View through the Sluice Gate

Tidal Gate Opening Dates - Pond Draining

Next date:  September 2021

The tidal gates were last opened 11th-18th January, probably for the last time this year until late September.  While the Pond was drained, we are took the opportunity to inspect the new Sluice Gate and the heavy wooden beam that sits above the tidal gates.

The Tidal Gates and Sluice Gate were previously opened on 12th November for a month, in order to facilitate the repair works to the small sluice gate.  The work was carried out by Nick Gates from Gates & Co based at Emsworth Marina.

The Pond is drained from time to time during the winter months (late September-January inclusive) to help get rid of any silt, enable up-stream valves to be serviced, and allow inspection of the sluice and gates.  It is also a good opportunity to pick litter and carry out repairs (eg to boxing round the west bank reeds) on the water's edge.We try to avoid opening it in other months due to the need to protect the wildlife in and around the Pond during the breeding season.

West Bank Footpath - One Way

  • The footpath round the Slipper Mill Pond is too narrow to allow effective social distancing with two-way traffic.  Numerous walkers have approached the SMPPA with a request for signs to support a one-way system; only to use this path with entry from Queen Street/Hermitage Bridge.

  • Although the footpath is on private land, the footpath is a public right of way and is the responsibility of the West Sussex County Council. The signs we have put in place are therefore not legally enforceable.  The signs are for guidance to support social distancing and to help keep everyone safe.

  • Regrettably, there is a small minority who are minded not to comply with this voluntary one-way system, and will persist in walking in the opposite direction and removing our signs.

  • Whilst this is contrary to the spirit in which we placed these signs, there is nothing more that the SMPPA can do other than appeal to these people to be more mindful of the concerns of the vulnerable folk who wish to use this path for their daily exercise.

​​Dolphin Quay Footpath

We were recently very fortunate to be gifted land on the West side of Dolphin Creek by Mr and Mrs Wardle, committed Pond supporters (facilitated by their two daughters), in order to ensure that the area is not developed.  More details can be found here.

Youths Jumping from Footbridge

This was more problematic than usual in 2020.  Following consultation with PCSO Baylee-Reed of Sussex Police, he has asked that we call 101 if large groups gather on the bridge blocking the footpath or causing a disturbance, and if there is any abuse (verbal or physical) to call 999.  In this way he can build up a picture of the problem and get regular patrols to visit the area instead of just driving past Slipper Road.  This will also apply after COVID-19.  If you do ring please quote his name. 

Dogs on Leads - 1st April - 31st August

When wildfowl are breeding around the edge of the Pond, signs are erected on the main paths requesting that dog walkers keep their dogs on leads. This is for your dog's safety too as adult swans can get very aggressive during the breeding/ nesting season.

Sadly we have no events planned at the moment - these include the Spring Talk, Summer Garden Party and Annual Dinner.

The AGM on Friday 30th October went ahead as a paper/email vote. 

More details on future events and dates can be found on our events page.                


Our latest (January 2021) newsletter is available here along with a summary prepared by Nick Madinaveitia outlining many of the highlights of his 15 years as Chairman.


Other Newsletters are available on our newsletters page.

In addition we have wildlife books, notelets and postcards available to purchase here.

The SMPPA Sponsored Broomfield Schools Photographic Competition did not take place in 2020 as the Emsworth Arts Trail was cancelled.  At the moment it is not known if it will go ahead in 2021.

The competition is usually launched during February/March with presentations to the six participating schools. The private prize giving ceremony is then held in the Community Centre and the winning photos displayed during Emsworth Arts Trail and afterwards at the Emsworth Co-op.  

Volunteers and friends are always welcome....


If you would like to support the work done by the SMPPA in preserving the Slipper Mill Pond, why not become a Member?  Full Membership (for households close to the Pond) is £15 per annum, and Friends / Well wishers £8.


More information on our Membership page.

Some of the Jobs we do

We have removed the old warning signs from the water as they were becoming outdated and unsightly.  We have replaced them with perching poles for the birds.

We have cut back two sections of the common reeds at the north of Slipper Road, as part of our strategy to reduce their spread.  The grasses will be strimmed in March before sowing wildflowers. 

During the winter, we have been cutting back and removing non-indigenous plants and garden "escapees" and are developing a planting plan.

Another recent task included filling in a large hole in the west bank footpath, which was collapsing, possibly aggravated by rats burrowing.  Social distancing was obviously observed!


New Information Sign Boards

We have recently refreshed the two information boards, one in the water at the northern end next to the A259 bridge and the other on the wall of the old Slipper Mill. 


This was done at minimal cost due to the hard work of our volunteers restoring the woodwork and metalwork.


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