The Association - What We Do

The Slipper Mill Pond Preservation Association dedicates itself fully to its mandate to


"protect and conserve the wildlife and natural environment of the Slipper Mill Pond for the benefit and quiet enjoyment of the public."


In 1981, in order to preserve it, the pond was bought by 34 local households.  They placed the pond in Trust, granting a lease to the Association (which was set up specifically to look after it), and we are responsible for its day to day management and maintenance.


The SMPPA is a fully Registered Charity and relies on subscriptions, donations and grants to carry out its works.


Volunteers carry out as much of the maintenance and repair work as possible, and specialists are engaged for the more complicated tasks. All major works are subjected to Risk Analysis based on the recommendation of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers to ensure safe working.


Recent tasks undertaken have included:

- the strengthening of the inner and outer faces of the banks

- emergency works to the outer wall by the sluice gate


Events are held throughout the year, and it has become a tradition to have at least one evening talk in Spring, a Summer Party and a Christmas Dinner - functions which are attended with much enthusiasm.

With thanks to organisations that have helped us including:


- Chichester Harbour Conservancy (CHC)

- West Sussex County Council (WSCC)

- Chichester District Council (CDC)

- British Trust for Conversation Volunteers BTCV

- Hampshire Mill Group

- The Environment Agency (EA)





- Litter Picking

- Work parties to tidy and maintain the pond

   banks, bird rafts etc
- Monitoring birds and plants

- Annual Dinner, Summer Garden Party, Spring

  Talk, Schools Photographic Competition

- Quarterly Committee Meetings

- Annual General Meeting
- Administration (Membership, Finance, 
  Insurance, Newsletters, Website)
- Liaison with Councils, Harbour Authority,

  Environment Agency etc
- Inspections


West Bank
Outer Face

- Routine inspection

Inner Face

- Routine inspection


South Bank

- Tidal Gate Replacement / Repair

- Sluice Maintenance

- Routine inspection


Biodiversity Surveys
- Birds
- Plants
- Fish & Invertebrates


- Monitor use
- Resurfacing issues